Eindhoven, May 2007
Installation, Video

is a collaborative exhibition project between SEAKKERS gallery from Eindhoven and FILTER from Hamburg. As an exchange project it features artists from Hamburg in Eindhoven and will continue in fall/winter 2007 featuring Eindhoven artists in Hamburg. FROZEN CIRROSTRATUS is an formation of different artistic approaches from Hamburg. The cirrostratuses in particular are types of clouds composed of ice crystals. They appear as whitish and usually somewhat fibrous veils, often covering the whole sky and sometimes so thin as to be hardly discernible. Cirrostratus clouds are signs that rainfall will follow in the next twelve hours. If you let the individual bodies of work FROZEN CIRROSTRATUS come together and lift up their surface you may discover heavy (b)rainstorms...

realized by Kerstin Niemann/FILTER together with Ramon Hulspas and Erik Vermeulen/SAEKKERS.

The Installation THE HUNTERS_RESET_003 is our contribution to this group exhibition: