Hamburg/Kassel 2006


Huexl’s “the hunt after the pink psycho plasma pig“

Since a couple of years, Huexl – the crazy trio of katty leitner, walter peter and bernhard hümmer – do a lot of eager research in trapping bio-psycho-violo ways of unveiling the secrets of life, as the honest sciences normally wish to do. But, of course, Huexl is pirating, mocking and blaspheming the conventional methods. In advance of the utopian aim of all research, they are successfull in being the very first to put down its mysterious topic of conquering. Thus, the hunt after the pink psycho plasma pig ends up with its ruin, but of course also with its compliancy. The slap stick gestures of haunting it, the ritualized gestures of conjuring it up, the seductive, colourful lights and shadows and the airy ambience of the laboratory, the funny and facetious noises, voices and sounds, all this ends up in a sort of magic ballet, in which the pink psycho plasma pig is a volunteer part of the conspiracy. In giving serious research a sort of humorous mirror, the violent forms of its hunting are questioned, being confronted in a charming way with its former childish phantasmas, in which the desires of control and love were not yet cut in two.

Ursula Panhans-Bühler